Fdk After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’; FCC/AOS, CCE/AOS

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A Black flower with a amazing fragrance that everyone loves!

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Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Donna Wisa) may well be one of the most fascinating orchid in the market today. A cross of the well known Sunset Valley Orchids, this hard to to find variety has a fragrance to rival perfume companies today and a darkness of color that rivals the corner you look at in the darkest hours of the night when you sleep. It is a variety unlike its siblings that is completely solid black and blooms 12-20 flowers per spike. It grows like a Catasetum so be careful of its winter rest.

Grown in a 5″ pot in moss with 3 or more bulbs.

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