B. Jimminey Cricket ‘ Super Bug’ HCC/AOS

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Probably one of the biggest flowers of the Brassavola hybrids, this one will wow in show and fragrance!

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B. Jimminey Cricket ‘ Super bug’ HCC/AOS (Brassavola nodosa x Rhyncholaelia digbyana) is one of the showcase and biggest of the Brassavola hybrids. Fragrant only at night, where it releases a nice floral scent to attract moths for pollination. Requires afternoon to full day sun and can be mounted very easily. Takes temperatures 50F-95F and is a drinker in the summer, takes all the water and fertilizer it can get while preferring to dry out in winter before watering. Flowers only come out in summer for the most part here but can come out more in warmer climates.