Angraecum Crestwood ‘Tomorrow Star’ FCC/AOS- Pup Division

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The Monster sized Christmas orchid that Is the prime example of a Darwin orchid!

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Angraecum Crestwood ‘Tomorrow Star’
(Angraecum Veitchii x Angraecum sesquipedale)
At the moment only Pup divisions are being sold as Mature have sold out. Will post when Mature are available once again.
A Monster sized plant, it is potted in a 10×12 pot and are popping out pups like crazy in their size. Only available in this size but that makes it more than enough to grab the attention of anyone who even catches a glimpse of it, even before the flowers come out. The flowers come out around December (hence the name christmas orchid) and each spike is capable of producing 2-8 flowers. Cant trick it to flower for me personally, like Santa it knows when I naughtily try to flower it early and refuses to flower as a result unless I just leave it to its own devices. When in full bloom it releases a fragrance at night that quite simply puts any other orchid to shame.
Takes West or southern exposure of light.(Afternoon or all day sun)
Can take temp. of 45F-90F
Flowers only fragrant at night and span 4.5″-5″.