Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, is such a common orchid that it can simply be found in any general supermarket these days. Most Phalaenopisis these days are hybrids bred for their Showy intricate patterns or solid colors making them popular along with their flower size and count. There are mainly 2 types of Phalaenopsis in circulation, the first being the general hybrid found all over. The other are species hybrids that generally take a count of sunlight and are defined in their large leaves and sequential growing flowers. They take mainly a good morning light pointing at the east but they can take a filtered afternoon to all day light at 1000-1500 foot candles. The are in need of a good nitrogen fertilizer as they continuously grow leaves for light absorption loving to grow at temperatures ranging from 65 -80F. In order to flower though they take a night time temperature from 55-60F to simulate their winters. They make a generally good starter plant as their price and availability make them a great starter plant when getting into orchids.