Paphiopedilums, or slipper orchids, are popular not only for their looks but their ease of care as well. They have a very close relation to their terrestrial counterpart, resulting in the ability to grow in compost and dead leaf mixes in the wild, mainly in the forest floor. They love shady conditions, preferring a north or east facing light at 1000-1500 foot candles.

Paphiopedilums require a constant supply of moisture but cannont be over saturated for long periods of time. They do not like being completely dyed out though either requiring watering every 2-3 days in bark and once a week when planted in sphagnum moss. A high nitrogen fertilizer should be applied every month to ensure good leaf and shoot growth.

Temperatures have to be in between 70-85F in the day but can take a night time temperature from 50-60F but can take 90F and 40F in extreme short term circumstances should the occasion present itself.