Online Policies and Returns

It is important that we are given the correct address to ship packages. White Plains Orchids cannot be held responsible for orders that are misdelivered because of an incorrect or incomplete address. Please make sure that you check the confirmation that is sent to you immediately after the order is placed to ensure that all the information is correct. Plants may ship with or without spike or bloom. No plants shipped is guaranteed to go in bloom.

White Plains Orchids ships anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.

We Ship either overnight or two day shipping. We do not ship during deep freeze months which will be posted on the front page when they occur. During cold months insulation and protection will put but no guarantee can be given.

Replacements and Returns
Proof of damage in a form of photo to is required for all replacements before they can be processed. All claims for Replacements and Returns must be given within 1 week of receiving the products or the claim is forfeit. White plains Orchids reserves the right to assess the damage and give partial/full compensation/credit. Ex. plants arriving with broken spikes or flowers does not justify returns or replacements.

Please obtain an authorization from White Plains Orchids before returning any shipments.
The buyer is responsible for shipping charges that will incur when returning any plants. White Plains Orchids reserves the right to deny any return. A 25% restocking fee will be charged. These fees apply unless the item is damaged. Items returned must arrive in the same manner as it was received.

Ensuring a Good transition to your home through Shipping

-Take the plant out if the box and check to see if there is not any mechanical damage from travel.
-Stretch and air out the plant as much as possible without breaking anything. Do not force it as it will do it eventually through recovery and time.

-Water if dry. Keep in room temperature for at least a week to ensure warmth.

-Keep in shade to ensure no sunburn can occur. Gradually through the week move it to its ideal temp. and light conditions as it takes time to gradually build up its tolerance and vigor from traveling.

-While these steps are not needed for all orders it is to ensure that your plants have a good transition and rest from travel.