Phal. Yaphon Gelacea Yaphon #7 AM/AOS

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A great hobbyist Phalaenopsis with a great scent and sequential spike!



Phal. Yaphon Gelacea Yaphon #7 AM/AOS (Yaphon Gelblitz x Chang Maw Jade) is one of the best hobbyist Phalaenopsis out there in the market. Its sequential spiking flower, which means the spike replaces the flowers with a new one when the old one goes, contains a tiger stripe pattern that expands outwards in a beautiful flower. Its scent is a bit weird, some say it smell of nutmeg or lemongrass, but personally when I smell it it smells strangely like fruit loops. Its plant leaves also are much longer than a typical phalaenopsis and give a leather, waxy feel to the touch.

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