Phal. bellina var. coerulea

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A classic Phalaenopsis species that every collector loves!

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Phal. bellina var. coerulea (Norman’s strain)
One of the most added item to every decent phalaenopsis collector, it makes a great addition as it makes a great introduction to the Phalaenopsis species in general. This variation has been bred to have its violet color even deeper in order to give the illusion of the color blue, a color incredibly hard to get in the plant kingdom in general. Its floral fragrant and sequential flowering in the summer making it a great intermediary plant in between the spring and the fall.
Takes temp. between 55F-90F but prefers warm days and cool nights if possible.
Dry out before watering and fertilize once a month.
Sold in a 4″ pot, making it almost full grown but most species phal. tend to do better mounted as it simulates their natural environment, but only when conditions are right for them (cool nights, warm days, and high humidity) otherwise being in a pot would serve them better.