Lc. Chyong Guu Swan ‘Ruby Lip’ AM/OSROC

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That color, contrast, size, and shape make it a must for everyone!

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Lc. Chyong Guu Swan ‘Ruby Lip’ AM/OSROC
(Lc. Wayndora x Persepolis)
Takes a lot of light (afternoon or all day light) and prefers watering when dried out. Can take a lot of water and fertilizer in summer, using resources to grow new stems and leaves quickly with the light and heat.
Fertilizer is preferred once a month.
Prefers temp. From 60F-95F but is known to take down to 50F when needed to.
Fragrant, with a sweet floral scent.
Massive flowers, each sheath can produce 3-5 flowers at a time that can span 5.5″ across.